About us

We provide a fast, mobile and affordable tote sanitizing service to keep unwanted odours, insects, rodents and germs from your home or business.



Even with the contents of your totes in bags small rips and punctures allow odours and grimy sludge to seep into the bottom of your totes.

Every time you open a dirty tote there is potential for you to be in contact with bacteria such as Staph, E. Coli, Salmonella, and Listeria.  Without realizing it you may carry these harmful germs into your home.  The solution is regular tote cleaning. Experience shows that frequent cleaning is required to significantly reduce the risk of bacterial infections from waste and organic totes.

Manual cleaning with a garden hose is not only an unpleasant chore but is insufficient to kill the bacteria that is breeding in those totes. There is also the waste water and mess to deal with afterwards.

We come to you with our environmentally friendly system which uses hot water under high pressure to sanitize your dirty totes making them clean and fresh.  The waste water and grime is captured by a built in containment system to prevent urban run off.

Sanitizing your totes helps to protect your health and eliminates the foul odours that attract insects and rodents.



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