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How to clean your garbage can at home?

Be it a garbage can or trash can, both of them have a stinky smell. Trash bins invite bacteria and constitute a significant shelter for many insects. The bees roaming and sitting around that trash bin fly off to many residential and commercial spaces and even on your lunch and dinner, thus creating an unhygienic environment around you. Today we are surviving with the deadly disease named COVID-19; therefore, it is imperative to control this waste; otherwise, it would harm us in several ways. The stinky and foul smell of trash bins, be it a office or your home, disappoints your family members and employees.

Further, it does not attract employees and guests and puts a wrong impression of your's in front of them. Every human being in this society wants to live in a healthy and hygienic environment. Therefore proper cleaning of your trash bin is required, be it outdoor garbage can or indoor Garbage can. Our focus lies in discussing the tips related to cleaning garbage cans in this blog post, whether outdoor or indoor garbage can. 


Indoor Garbage Can: 

It will help if you start taking out the Garbage from the can so that it is empty. After all, it's not possible to clean the whole can. 

Start by spraying the cleaner on the outer area of the garbage can. It would be best if you use homemade cleaner consisting of only warm water and soap. 


Also, spray it inside the garbage can, ensuring that every area is covered and appropriately soaked. Your focus should be on the area which is stuck with garbage stains. 

The next step is to deodorize where you should take half a cup of baking soda and sprinkle it on the interiors of the can. It must be taken care that the bottom and walls are coated properly. It is recommended to leave this mixture for 5-10 minutes to show its results. 

While the interiors are still soaking, take a rag and clean the outer surface of the can in a S pattern. 


When the interiors are soaked, take a good sponge and scrub the interiors thoroughly from left to right and top to bottom. It is best if you also clean the lid of the garbage can. The stubborn residue left shall be paid extra attention. With the completion of the scrubbing, it is advised to rinse the sponge thoroughly. 

When the scrubbing part is done, rinse off the soap and baking soda with the help of a garden hose. 


The last step involves drying out your can with an absorbent cloth. If your garbage can is of stainless steel, extra attention shall be paid to the exteriors for a good shine. 


Here are the tips you must follow: 

Before the replacement of the bag, crumpling of the newspaper and throwing it at the bottom of the can helps in deodorizing the garbage can and soaks the fluid that leaks out. 

We advise you to clean the garbage can at least two times a year. 


Outdoor Garbage Can: 

For cleaning the outdoor garbage cans, it is best to use a homemade degreasing solution consisting of soap and vinegar and put it in a spray bottle. 

Thoroughly spray the garbage can from exteriors and interiors. 

The next step is to apply the coat and give it 5 minutes for soaking and continue to repeat this process two times. 

When 15 minutes is over for soaking, take a bucket of warm water and soap and start scrubbing it with a heavy brush or a sponge. 

After scrubbing, give it time to dry. 

Follow these tips for cleaning indoor and outdoor garbage cans.


May 27, 2021 | By IDEAZONE
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